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Ajarn Pawapan Butpracon

Email : pawapan.b@bu.ac.th

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Class Description

This course continues and expands on topics covered in ICM121. This is an advanced course in illustrating and drawing using advertising framework. Through assignment based on actual projects, students become familiar with the art director-client-illustrator relationship and how it affects the evolution of their work creatively and technically. This course is aimed at developing personal styles and finished drawing for illustration. Assignments take a tutorial approach to indentify and nurture elements that make each student’s work unique.

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Attendance             10%
  • Participation           10%
  • Class Project           40%
  • Mid-term Project     10%
  • Final Project             20%
  • Final Exam               10%

Department Policies and Restrictions

  • All student work is done in studios and labs.
  • You are expected to be in the studio or lab area during class-time and work periods.
  • You must announce to your teacher if you are leaving the class.
  • Cell phones must be off in class, studios and labs.
  • Grades for projects are based upon thoughtfulness of concept, attention to process, ambition and execution.
  • Attendance records will be kept throughout the course and will be kept on record with the Department.

             One unexplained absence is okay.

             Two absences require extra project or one letter grade drop.

             Three absences = automatic “C”

             Four absences = automatic “F”

Three lateness, disappearances or early departures = 1 absence. Lateness is noted when you arrive fifteen minutes late or leave fifteen minutes early.

Disrupting a class in a negative manner will result in being asked to leave the class. The student must leave the class when requested by the instructor. He/she must meet with the Chairperson of the Department in order to return to the course (with a signed form from the Department Chairperson). All class time missed until a meeting with the Chairperson and letter signed and returned to the course teacher will be considered as regular absences.

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